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Posted by soffee

what you gonna do when you have no enough money... but you have a lot of stuff and someone ask you out?

what you gonna do when the person you think can love you but finally scream and scold you everyday without any reason...

what is the best you can do?

are you gonna move out and pick all stuffs?

are you gonna run away back to your parents house?

but i have no mother.. i had one father with his new life.. father that i cant even share my story with...

and where should i go?

should i ask God take my life so i have new place to go??


Joshua Whelan said...

Don't let the world bring you down.

The world is basically full of shit, but it makes finding diamonds all the more satisfying.

on a weirder note, when you think about it, you were born a winner, you were the fastest sperm cell...

hapi said...

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I like your blog! we are in the same situation right now .I know is so hard

Hey Guys !!! said...

U r not a loose dear... When u cant see the light is cause u must be more stronger dear... anything cannot be more than weself. just lokk for ur way ! kiss

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interestingly, a little frustrating but you know there's more in life is only a matter of perception and with a bit of it should suffice. Luckily I also find interesting the fact that language changes, but only once you're done, you're pretty good writing or composing. lost my English is a bit bad.

Mago said...

I sof-fee sorry for my english but I haven't many times for speak and write with another person in this languege! This afternoon I found your blog and now I only want to say that you are the most important person in your life ... when the life don't go in the right way you must find it immediatly, you ask to God that he will show you the best way!!! I do not know if I can explain, but I tried! I just wanted to tell you this! A hug Gabry!!! Bye bye

vivienhibbert said...

I am praying for you right now - God is faithful - trust in Him

Anonymous said...

i think you should ask god but also remember i am young also and i went through the same thing you going through now my mom died when i was in 3rd grade and my dad just came into my life but..... remember that you shouldn't base your life on this ONE situation> My boyfriend is moving away and i can never see him again but I'm not going to base my life on this one time i may be sad for a really long time but i still learn to have fun and find somebody else.So remember learn from the past live in the present and plan for the future <3

FeRrA said...

no matter how terrible your life,please don't think it's the end of your story..there are many chances open for you..I hope you will find and bring with smile on your face..cheerful your day..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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teeshirtonline2012 said...
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Malu Majestic said...

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Erin Garland said...

Keep you head up. There's always something beautiful for you, just take the time to see it. Life is worth living!

Dipjyoti Biswas said...

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Anonymous said...

Love is an illusion, the best you can do is accept this reality, abandon hopes of the fairy tale life and live in the hear and now. Humans only need food shelter and oxygen, everything else is expendable.

Don QuiScottie said...

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Bad stuff comes and goes, by the way. Hang on when it comes and wave it goodbye when it goes

AM said...

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SignedAnonymous said...

dont give up!! :)


Danik said...

So you're not gay? Because you are one sexy bitch.

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Melissa Oaks said...

the only thing that makes you a loser is if you choose to give up and allow iife to defeat you. No one has to accept that. I have prayed to God to take my life. but he didnt. he restored my soul and showed me that he would take care of me no matter what i go through. he restores me. there is always a hope. God loves you.

Melissa Oaks said...

I am interested to know more about your husband. perhaps i could help.

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SteepedinLove said...

I wish we were close enough to enjoy tea together and talk about the world's problems ~and solve them~ for a day. It's hard to know how to advise on so little info~is it just a need for a new and fresh perspective? Or is it really time to leap into new changes? I am praying that you find the answers!!!

Amy said...

Hey nobody is looser trust me i pass that situation and i believe there many people out there face the same or even wrost , Stay strong for you self your mom and you own future ,

face up fight for the right thing

i dont want you regret anything as me now