8:34 AM

if you could see me

Posted by soffee

i walked again.. passing everything you had before.. i almost forgot how do you smell like.. i let my self lie down at the living room.. the place that you always sleep while watch football.. tried to remember what you said about this house.. walk out and stand again at the balcony.. replacing my self to be you.. yes, i found the noise.. the noise make me get angry and mad when we talk every night before you sleep.. before you out for dinner.. opened the store.. i stand and look for the rubbish that people made in there.. i saw your photo. the photo remind me about us.. how can i over you when remembering you is the most lovely thing i ever had in my life... how can i kiss him when i was thinking the hot kiss from you? how can i laugh if your laugh is the most i miss? how can i sleep without silent if the pillow its not your arm.. if you could see me.. i wanna say good bye even its hurt me, even its killing me, even we hate the words so much.. if you could see me, i wanna give you good bye kiss, good bye hug.. i wanna see you go till you look small than basically. what should i tell him when he ask me who the one i miss the most? what should i say when he ask me can i be the loyal and love him only? what i suppose to tell this world that i'm currently out with someone but my mind is only think about you? i'm scared...scared to over you... i'm scared, scared to forget your sweet smell.. i am so scared, scared if god take my memories of you... i do scared.. and i'm not ready.. again, i am sick..coz i miss you like hell.. i just know that i am sick now days coz missing you... thats all! if you could see me...