10:21 AM

MAN (what i want)

Posted by soffee

MAN??? Thankful to GOD for created them. Such are good thing in this world for me. Maybe because I'm not gay. And maybe because I do need man to complete my day. Like someone said to me.. GOD created woman for man. And of coz man. They been create for woman.

What I want from someone we call man.. What?? Kinda stuck with that question sometime. I'm tired when I try get that awnser. Why?? I don't know.. Honestly. But why I cant get some awnser it's because sometime they treat us like shit. And make me hate them so much.

Rite now.. Now.. In my mind. What I want from man is... I wanna he had cute head.. With little bit hair. Kinda botak... But not botak like Riduan Hashim.. No... No...Not like him.. Don't get wrong. Wanna put my finger at his head. Wanna kiss his head. Thats it... Can I??

What else I want? I wanna he had nice smell. Something at his mouth, naturally. Without any perfume and any smell from tooth paste. Horny smell that I can get when I seat beside him. Smell I can get when I wake up early morning, when he drop me at my home... Smell... Smell.. The horny smell my nose can detect from them.. I luv that. Can I get???

I wanna he had sweet smile... Sweet smile.. Sweet smile.. Sweet skin. Sweet kiss. Manis... Manis... Manis.. Semua nya manis. Tak kisah laa dia kulit gelap pun. Asalkan manis. Tak payah laa bagi baby face, comey-comey,mata sepet cam cina... Rambut pacak-pacak... Kulit putih.. Tak nak!!!!!!

Wanna he had something n his mind. Plan for his life. Know what he want in this world. Not only fuck and suck!!! Tak nak laa kalau otak lembab. Asyik nak have fun. O'o.. I can't stay with man like this. Saya nak yang kuat kerja. Tak letih nak belajar benda baru. Saya tak suka orang malas... Malas... No...No.No..
I hate people lazy!!

I want he appreciate anything infront him.. I want he know how to treat woman. I wont lisent with reason. I hate that. No body can say no to me. Include him. You have to say yes for anything I request. You have to say yes. Treat me like doll and wont leave me when football fever come or when your fucking friend around. Don't leave me.. Please.... :(

Wanna he love me.. Pick me. Choose me. Lick me. Bite me.. Gosh!!!! Hahahahahahahaha... Wanna hot man. When you close to them. You can feel the warm skin. Such are heater.. Wow~ Lol... I'm kidding ok.. Hot.. Someone can heat you when you get cold. I wanna man like that. Tall than me it could be easy for him to cuddle me. When he tall, sure he got nice hand and arm... Errmmm... For me.. For me.. For me.. Only for me...

I wanna someone with chase.. Chase!!!! Not breast... I wont man with breast. Yaks!!!! Can I buy bra for you honey??? Come on.. Let woman with her breast, don't make 2 people wearing bra kissing each other. So please... Get chase not breast... Or maybe you want me ask milk from you??? Do you want that???

Ermmm... Not easy.. not easy.. But this is what I want. Now!!!! This is.. Kinda good man with good smell with sweet smile without breast. I want this!!! Man... Man.. Man.. Someone cant make me fool and someone wont be fool because of woman. Anyone out there????