5:26 AM

help me coz i am lost...

Posted by soffee

how are you? did you fine? hows your day? did you miss me? did you doing fine out from me? huh...i have a lot question in my mind till i have no idea how to talk about it... i miss the conversation we had before.. conversation before we married.. seems like i stop knowing you and so do you...

i did read all old sms and chat msg did you send to me.. i did remember what you done before.. what ever you gave me.. what ever you promise me..i do remember..i do keep in my mind. but just of sudden.. i don't like to talk and show i am remember that..

i choose you coz i believe that you gonna love me till end of my life. you the one love me, crazy about me, will call me if you cant hear my voice one day, will find any solution to meet me.. and now, i don't see the man anymore..

how cant you love me like before. how cant you just love who i am? why don't you be next to me even i'm down and sick. why don't you say yes on me even i'm the one doing wrong...i miss you, i means..i miss the real you.. did everything end?? are we end this??


Sheryl Hernandez said...

find and turn the right way....and always think god always beside u..

Sheryl Hernandez said...

1st love ur self...we admited that everything has changed, its diff. today versus the past..may be theres a reason why its happened...dont expect too much. just accept and love..dont stop to love,,cheerful and chillax...

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